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The Desperate Philadelphian

As I read the news I’m troubled at the recent string of robberies throughout the city. What could be causing so many to feel so deprived. The scripture in Ephesians. 4:28 says:

“Let him that stole steal no more: but rather let him labor, working with his hands the thing which is good. That he may have to give to him that needs.”

It’s not wrong for you to want to provide for your family; but what’s missing in the lives of these men and women that they would commit a robbery to get it? Well, the lack of opportunity in our city may be the culprit. We can do a better job making available resources necessary to succeed. It starts with a quality education, skills training and an open door to explore God given talents.

I’m excited about the ARK Christian Center. We are here to help by providing free tutoring to children and partnering with civic & local government groups to equip adults to achieve.

Everyone deserves a fresh start! You’re local church is here to help! Join us on Sunday’s at 10 am service and Wednesday’s at 6:30 pm for bible study. This could be the start of a new beginning for you!

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