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Our First Blog

Hi this is Pastor Rich Blakely of the Acts of Random Kindness Christian Center (The ARK). I’m excited about my first blog as Pastor. I wanted to take this time to reflect on the condition of the church. We are in a critical time in human history. The “last days” described in the bible are clearly upon us and we as the modern church need to step up our presence and be what Jesus called us to be; “a city set on a hill”.
The ARK will be the tip of the sword by being a church that welcomes all and rejects none! Jesus rejected sin but loved sinners. We are committed to teaching the truth even if it is sometimes uncomfortable to hear. Love is always in our presentation! Jesus also met the needs of the people while ministering His gospel.
I encourage all churches of the Lord Jesus Christ to reflex on what Jesus did and model their ministries to follow His example.

The church can’t stand out if it resembles the world. The church should be actively involved in current issues without being assimilated into them. Let’s be that city set on a hill that He’s called us to be and make the difference the world needs.

Pastor Rich Blakely

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